TEXTERIORS is your Montana and Wyoming Spatula Stuhhi distributor.

Spatula Stuhhi is an ecologically natural, premium stucco finish that is based on lime. It has a shiny quality that varies with the method of application. Spatula Stuhhi is renown for their various color lines that are all inspired by the natural world surrounds us as well as the cultures that have endured throughout history.

  • Spatula Stuhhi’s Classic Colour line is a selection of pastel hues with soft and traditional tones that have been used throughout history across every part of the world and cultures.
  • The Portofino color line is inspired by the natural earth tones of Mediterranean origin.
  • The Londra line is reminiscent of the cold North and includes palettes that are intentionally dark yet calming and welcoming.
  • Both bright and playful, the Sole line of colors is dedicated to the interplay between nature and the sun.
  • The New York line of colors is dedicated to the contemporary city and the amalgamation that our urban centers represent.

The wall finishes offered by Spatula Stuhhi, are not washable in their normal version. In areas where washability is a concern their La Cera del Vecchio product is an age-old combination of wax and soap that is blended into the finish using a hot method. In addition to offering the essence and translucency of polished marble, Vecchio significantly increases the resistance of surfaces and makes them easier to clean. It’s applied using a cloth and is ideal for kitchens and baths.

Overall Spatula Stuhhi is a glossy, natural, high-quality stucco that has been seasoned for a lengthy period. Marble powders and additives make the product highly adhesive and it flows well when applied, reaching the finished stage very quickly. Spatula Stuhhi breathes extremely well, is alkaline resistant and is an excellent natural anti-mildew and bacterial product; its constant carbonation process makes it highly resistant to humidity.

Spatula Stuhhi is a completely ecological covering and contains no solvents. It is completely water based and non-flammable.

Headquarters Milano, Italy

Website www.spatulastucchi.com

“Roman and Venetian stucco born from the oldest traditions. Completely ecological with no solvents whatsoever!”

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