TEXTERIORS is your Montana and Wyoming Triarch Fine Architectural Finishes distributor.

Triarch, a division of Dryvit Systems, Inc. has a wonderful lineup of quality interior and exterior finish systems for both commercial and residential projects.

Primarily used in commercial interiors and other high traffic applications, their Duroplex line offers maximum longevity and abuse resistance coupled with low maintenance costs. Duroplex offers outstanding performance while still allowing the designer a broad range of creative freedom. This wall finish is backed by a ten year warranty agains surface mold, mildew, cracking or delamination. It comes in 288 standard colors and 25 established textures and patterns.

The Plexture finish by Triarch is a true workhorse. It’s durable yet highly-desirable and is the perfect interior finish to meet the demands of busy interior spaces. Moderately priced, it’s appearance is similar to many knock down finishes, but it’s durability, washability and abuse resistance far outperforms many other finishes.

The luminous, reflective quality of natural mica is highlighted in the Granyte line. Triarch’s Granyte finish offers the substantial appearance of quarried granite at a fraction of the cost. Made from natural stone in an acrylic resin, this product is in demand for traditional and contemporary settings. Granyte is refined for use as an interior finish, but is also well suited to exterior use, fireplace surrounds as well as outdoor barbecue and pool areas. There are 12 standard colors as well as custom colors available.

Klondike Light is a sophisticated paint product providing the effects of oxidized metals with optional hints of silver and gold. The surface is washable, breathable and invisibly repairable if damaged. Klondike Light comes in 57 different metallic colors and is easily installed by brush or trowel.

Headquarters West Warwick, RI

Website www.triarchinc.com

“State-of-the-art, environmentally friendly textured finishes for designers seeking a distinct alternative to other coatings.”

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