Our History

TEXTERIORS has served Montana’s builders, architects and home owners for more than 20 years.

Previous Owner Bill Shaw purchased Total Energy Systems in January 1993. The Total Energy Systems name reflected the fact that our company was primarily a distributor of Dryvit wall systems. In 2002 we relocated our showroom and warehouse to the Four Corners area of Bozeman. The larger warehouse and expanded space has meant that our growing company can provide a larger product lineup that now encompass all types of interior and exterior wall systems including thin stone veneers, plaster, stucco, foam concrete forms and masonry products.

As 2006 approached we saw the need for a new name that would better reflect the broad range of products that were available to our customers. The TEXTERIORS brand was born!

Following many years of success, in early 2016, Bill decided that he was ready to retire and pass the reigns onto his sales director of 11 years, Bob Olson.  Bob brought in Brendan Hanson, a close friend with an expansive background in Masonry and construction as a partner, and they purchased TEXTERIORS effective January 1st, 2017.

After 3 years of excellent growth and with the Partnership with Forzley Sales (Our masonry supply company) Texteriors was outgrowing its old location and built a brand new facility in Bozeman.  They relocated to the new facility as of January 1st, 2020!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Does TEXTERIORS Serve?

TEXTERIORS serves everyone who is involved in the building industry.

We work with architects, designers and their clients to help them understand the capabilities and benefits of the different types of wall systems that are available in the marketplace today. Our depth of knowledge helps them to navigate the permitting and approval process, address energy efficiency and sustainability concerns and provide the expert information that they need to help their clients make informed decisions.

We serve individual business and home owners by demonstrating the types of wall finishes that are available, providing color and material samples, and helping them to find the contractors that are best suited to their projects.

We work with general contractors, sub-contractors and finish applicators to help them accomplish their projects efficiently, on time and within budget. We do this not only by selling them best-in-class products, but by providing the service, support and information that they need to operate effectively.

What makes TEXTERIORS different?

We know that people buy from people. Our customers want a vendor that they can thoroughly rely upon. TEXTERIORS’ customers know that we have the best products available in the marketplace today and that we can provide the expert advice, timely delivery of materials and consistent reliability that will make their projects as successful as possible.

TEXTERIORS is different because we build long-term relationships with our customers so that we can learn what their unique needs are and what we can do that will be of greatest benefit. This means listening closely to the contractors and applicators who order our products and then combining that information with whatever architects, designers and product manufacturers are also telling us. We then use our experience within the industry to ensure that we can actively anticipate and eliminate any barriers with regard to ordering, sourcing, customization and delivery. You can stay focused on your project without worrying about when your materials will arrive and whether they will be as-ordered.

How are your product lines selected?

Many of the products lines and brands that we sell were originally brought to us by our customers. Because of our ongoing relationship, they would let us know about a particular product and say, “We’d like to have this available through your store. Can you source this for me?”

TEXTERIORS is commited to finding the best products we can and bringing them to market. We do our homework learning about the different products that are available and then determining whether they have the characteristics, value and reputation that we can stand behind. We are consistently working with the leading building industry manufacturers to determine what finishes, wall systems and products will offer the greatest benefits to our customers.

What areas can you provide TEXTERIORS products to?

TEXTERIORS products are available throughout all of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and the Dakotas. We work with our customers to identify when materials should be delivered to their projects, then coordinate our manufacturers, in-house delivery and freight delivery vendors to ensure that orders are fulfilled on-time and as-promised.

Who should visit your Bozeman showroom?

We encourage and welcome anyone who will benefit from being hands-on with the wall systems and products that we sell to visit our Bozeman, Montana showroom. When owners, project managers, general contractors and applicators visit they can expect to see the interior and exterior finishes that we offer - not just as product samples - but as actual finished walls. Our hope is that you’ll come away better educated about the benefits of each system as well as the range of options and finishes that are available today.

Meet the TEXTERIORS team

Brendan Hanson
Bob Olson
Jim Wedel
Office/Operations Manager
Jacob Long
Will O'Neill
Warehouse Operations 

Our Showroom & Warehouse

Our showroom, offices and warehouse are located in Bozeman, Montana. TEXTERIORS customers appreciate the ability to drop by to see the products that we sell hands-on; instead of relying on a small product sample they are able to see a completely finished wall. They can experience the quality, aesthetic and range of options that high-end finishes offer.

When Re-locating our warehouse, our primary concern was to ensure a central location so that we could best serve our customers. Our Location is nicely situated between two of our local markets, Bozeman and Big Sky, Montana. Because we ship and receive products throughout the northwestern United States, our close proximity to the interstate highway system allows trucks easy access. This helps us to ensure minimal lead times for project materials while also ensuring that we can get out to meet with our customers and provide the in-person presence that they have come to expect.

Our warehouse primarily stocks Dryvit and interior plaster products as well as the tools and rentals that our applicators need most frequently. Check our in-stock product list or get in touch if you have specific questions about availability.

The central location of our Bozeman warehouse allows us to be very reactive to our customer’s needs by providing in-house color matching, meeting any demand for product samples and reducing material lead times to help projects progress as planned.