TEXTERIORS is your Montana and Wyoming Dryvit Systems, Inc. distributor.

While the brand-name Dryvit is often used to imply a stucco-like finish, it is actually a complete Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) that focuses on energy efficiency and durability. The wall system is comprised of an air and water resistant barrier, a reinforced base coat, rigid insulation and a textured acrylic finish. Dryvit offers a full warranty on the integrated wall system and the cost effectiveness and energy savings the system provides is tough to beat, especially in commercial applications.

The unique look and physical properties of Dryvit’s line of textured acrylic finishes can also be applied across a stucco base coat, separate from the EIFS wall system.

When many people think of Dryvit in terms of aesthetics, they may think that the finishes that are available are rather boring. In reality, the 100% acrylic finish can be made in virtually any color and can provide the look of stucco, brick, granite, limestone and even metal.

Headquarters West Warwick, RI

Website dryvit.com

“Continuous insulation and a broad range of design-flexible aesthetics combined into a single wall systems represent one of the most trusted choices for architects, owner and contractors.”

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