TEXTERIORS is your Montana and Wyoming LaHabra distributor.

LaHabra offers a complete line of stucco solutions from scratch to finish including, finishes, colors, sealers and coatings, primers, basecoats and water-resistive barriers. However, LaHabra may be best known for their cement, acrylic and elastomeric textures.

The company’s traditional exterior stucco color coat provides a lasting durable color finish. It’s integrally colored with fade-resistant pigments that can last up to 50 years without repair or recoating. Their cementitious hybrid Platinum Plus stucco also provides greater flexibility than traditional stuccos with it’s ability to reduce craze, shrink cracking and call-backs.

LaHabra also boasts a number of excellent specialty finishes ranging in style from Venetian plasters to modern metallic coatings, aged limestone and TuffStone granite.

Whether it’s an entire wall assembly, continuous insulation or a remarkable faux finish, LaHabra has designed systems and product formulations that consistently meet our customers’ expectations and specifications – including products tailored to unique climate conditions and specialized construction methods.

Headquarters Anaheim, CA

Website lahabrastucco.com

“One of the most trusted names in stucco finishes. An excellent lineup of cement plaster.”

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