TEXTERIORS is your Montana and Wyoming Fry-Reglet distributor.

Fry Reglet Architectural Metals are just plain cool. They offer full modular wall systems, column covers, plaster reveals and moldings, flashings, and fiber cement panel trims that are as functional as they are architecturally modern.

Their durable, aesthetically pleasing metal column covers provide a completely customizable, turnkey solution for cosmetically wrapping structural beams and columns. Fry Reglet column covers are available in a variety of metal types, finishes, powder coatings and paint colors. Each column is factory fabricated to allow integration of power, data, lighting or other infrastructure elements. Both vertical and horizontal reveals are available.

The graph modular wall system offered by Fry Reglet, is a completely customizable interior wall cladding system that functions as a platform for nearly any finish material… glass, metal, wood and p-lam to name a few. The aluminum framing components require minimal field fabrication, and the system can be designed and fabricated to allow power, data cabling, lighting and other infrastructure to be integrated. Individual panels can later be removed and replaced without damage to the framing or adjacent panels.

A complimentary line of drywall and plaster reveals and moldings offer the opportunity to shape and sculpt interior and exterior walls, make seamless transitions and connect dissimilar materials. Profiles for interior drywall and veneer plaster exterior stucco, millwork and acoustical wood fiber panes are available. Each reveal and molding is crafted from high grade, recycled aluminum and is available pre-primed or pre-finished.

Headquarters Alpharetta, GA

Website fryreglet.com

“Architectural metal wall systems that cover everything from modular wall systems to acoustical baffles, plaster reveals and moldings.”

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