TEXTERIORS is your Montana and Wyoming American Clay distributor.

American Clay has a beautiful lineup of interior wall solutions for commercial and residential buildings. Each gorgeous clay plaster is sustainably manufactured in Albuquerque, New Mexico. American Clay’s environmentally conscious, non-toxic plaster does not mean a compromise with regard to either beauty or durability.

American Clay offers five different plaster finishes that are themselves available in hundreds of colors and an unlimited number of textures. The company is best known for it’s original earth plaster, Loma™, which is made from reclaimed marble sand and a variety of clays. Other finishes range from satin-smooth marble like surfaces reminiscent of Venetian plaster to a unique smooth/waxy feeling finish that is created from the recycled, crushed seashells of the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Applicators will appreciate the pre-measured color packs provided with each bag of American Clay plaster. This ensures that the exact pigment is used to create the specific color specified during formulation, usually in cooperation with the project’s architect or designers. The company offers 224 standard color options, and the ability to create blended colors to match any palette. Other binders, primers, sealers and additives are available to aid in creating almost any finish you can possibly imagine.

American Clay products benefit the homeowner with their low maintenance and resistance to dirt and grime. The 100% natural compound is easy to repair and clean up and has a good resistance to UV fading due to it’s natural mineral pigments. Plaster naturally absorbs odors, is mold resistant and provides a good humidity buffer.

Headquarters Albuquerque, NM

Website americanclay.com

“All natural plaster finishes with the lowest carbon footprint of any interior wall finish.”

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