TEXTERIORS is your Montana and Wyoming Logix distributor.

Logix provides expanded polystyrene concrete forms with a focus on smart fundamentals. Each concrete form panel is 4 foot long and has plastic rebar holders sandwiched between the layers tha make one-man long bar placement much easier. Wiring channels are provided every 16″ on center with no webs to cut through.

The corners of this insulated concrete form system is where the Logix product really shines. Each corner is reinforced with diagonal ties that are mechanically fastened from corner to corner diagonally. The corners come fully formed in both 90 degree and 45 degree configurations so no field assembly is required.

The face plate of each concrete form is reminiscent of children’s toy blocks in that they interlock tightly using friction.. There are no bottom nodules to cut away and this method minimizes compression while offering the maximum bearing surface. There are no plastic, metal or other locks to fight with during assembly and the forms can even be disassembled and re-used when needed.

Forms are available in widths of 4 inches to 12 inches and extended brickledge, taper tops and double taper tops are available for each width. Forms are available in any 4 inch height increment. Additional form shapes are also available to allow builders to form pilasters or T-shaped abutments.

The Logix Pro product line uses 2 3/4 inch panels with an R25 insulation rating. The Logix Platinum series of concrete forms are made with Neopor® and deliver a full R28 rating without increasing wall assembly thickness. Additional options are also available with the Logix D-Rv slide-in panel that increases insulative efficient to R33 – R37. For extreme climates the Logix XRV line delivers wall assembly R-Values up to R75!

Headquarters Minden, Ontario, Canada

Website logixicf.com

“Building-block like insulated concrete forms made from the highest quality expanded polystyrene foam.”