TEXTERIORS is your Montana and Wyoming Quickrete distributor.

Quickrete is a large company with several different divisions that focus on providing materials for the construction industry. Within the context of wall systems, they are best known for their base and finish coat stucco products.

Most of Quickrete’s portland cement formulations are provided in convenient 80 lb. bags to provide the construction professional with an easy way to estimate the amount of material they will need.

Depending on the application, most applicators will choose from the company’s standard base coat stucco, fiberglass reinforced stucco or base coat stucco with water-stop. Quickrete also offers finish coat stucco and non-sag sealant. Their stucco and mortar color offering is portioned as a liquid to allow 1 bottle of pigment to match 1 bag of stucco finish coat.

Headquarters Atlanta, GA

Website www.quikrete.com

“Quickrete is the largest manufacturer of packaged concrete products in the U.S. Their stucco base coat can be finished in hundreds of unique ways.”

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